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Put Our Glass, Metal and Ceramic Tiles to the Test

The popularity of glass, metal and ceramic tiles has increased significantly in recent years. This has ultimately forced our selection to expand greatly to satisfy our customer’s needs. Today, we carry a full range with multiple options to give our valued patrons choice when completing all their personalized renovations:


Glass tile is available in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. There are many different styles of glass tile as well, including matte/satin, iridescent, tumbled, abrasive, metallic, undulated, skid resistant, and more. Cortopassi Tile even has glass that changes color with temperature!


Our company also offers an extensive selection of metal accent tiles and metal mosaics, too! Here you will find some metal mixed with stone and glass, available in different colors such as pewter, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and even brass!


We carry a large selection of cement tiles. Click here to view some options!

Glass, Metal & Cement Product Line

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Whichever type of material you chose for your home or business, be sure to call Cortopassi Tile at 916-361-8191 for the best selection and service in Sacramento, CA!